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Teaching Stage Combat

Josephine surveying a fight call in Thre
Darwin directing Alias: Hook

As a significant amount of our work is done in youth and teen theatre, we have found ourselves specialising in teaching combat workshops, and choreographing shows for young companies. We alter our teaching style slightly to fit the age group, and maintain a heavy focus on safety and flow over the realism or speed we look for in our professional choreography.

Still, as always, we find that young people hold a surprising capacity for learning and a respect for the weapons involved. Stage combat can bring kids into theatre who may be less inclined to a singing-and-dancing variety of what is offered, and combines the focus and coordination of a martial art with the creativity and exploration of theatre.

We’ve taught and choreographed for youth as young as eight years old, up through high school conservatories, with many different styles ranging from teaching choreographed material and written scripts, to assisting them with their own choreographing process with a focus on character-driven choices with the weapons.

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