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Pirates, Papers, and Plunder

A youth play for performers ages 8-14, first performed by Randall Theatre in Medford, OR under the title Marque & Reprisal. Offered through Heuer Publishing. 


The biggest pirate play of all time! Captain Arabella Flint and her daring crew of pirates have been waiting, along with every other pirate in Havana, for news of the arrival of the Spanish Treasure Fleet. However, it is an unlikely source that brings her the news when the lawyer, Tiberius Percival (Esquire), walks into the coffee tavern and into a den of despicable pirates. In exchange for information on the treasure galleon, Arabella promises to take Tiberius to the man who is responsible for his father's imprisonment in Cuba: Captain Charles Vein. The unlikely lawyer and crew of pirates reconcile their differences in order to catch up with the horrendous Captain Vein on the deck of the elusive Spanish treasure galleon. A dramatic tale of swashbuckling pirates, daring alliances and cannon fire. It is a story of quill versus sword, and moral versus freedom, and the ways in which our beliefs characterize our actions. This show takes pirates with an equal measure dash-and-bravado as well as sinister-and-dangerous.

See our production here!

70 minutes, cast of 20-27.

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The Bandido Vásquez


Santa Cruz Sentinel editor Mr. McPherson’s harsh opinions on anyone he doesn’t consider a “true American” are unpopular with many in the Californian town. Georgiana Bruce is on the forefront of the fight in hopes he will allow a female journalist to publish an editorial in his paper, but the vitriol of McPherson may have taken a more dangerous aspect. It will take the infamous bandido Vásquez and his compatriots, as well as Georgiana Bruce’s smart wit and heartfelt editorials to uncover who is using threats to drive the last Californios off their land. Good and bad bandits clash, a fiercely strong ranchero-owner takes her stand, a female journalist gets her revenge, and the citizens of Santa Cruz are better off when things to come to a head for the heinous McPherson at the Grand Admittance Ceremony of California to the Union.

A work of historical fiction, this tale is about the heroism of all who work to take a stand against evil and hatred--and that not all heroes must wear a cape.

See our production, previously performed under the title "Zorro in Santa Cruz" here!

23 Speaking roles, additional Festival Dancers.

M-12  F-6 M/F -5

A youth play for performers ages 7-14, first performed by Santa Cruz Parks & Rec, and under consideration for publishing by Heuer Publishing, Inc. 

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Through the Looking Glass

A youth play, recommended for ages 10-15, with a focus on precise movement, textual absurdity, and visual design. 



Hypothetically a sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass follows a more structured journey of Alice as she steps through the mirror in a study in her house once day and finds herself in a world of utter nonsense and confusions. Beginning in the First Square, she is quickly whisked away (without volition) into the game as a pawn, with the expectation of making it across all eight squares to be Queened on the Other Side. In this treacherous trek she meets the Red and Wuite Queen, both strange and insuffrable in their own ways, Humpty Dumpty, Talking Flowers, Mad Hatter, Jack & Jill, the Cuckoo Bird, and the Imitation Crab (among others).

Our version follows closely to the less-well-known book, with the goal of modernising and Americanising the English Victorian references. The result is a disconcerting panoply of unique characters that barrage Alice in her adventure, in a post-modern collage of things that are not-quite-right. Best aimed at older elementary or middle school actors (10-15 years old), with many two or three person scenes to feature each set of characters.

See our production here!

25 Speaking roles (with doubling), additional non-speaking or undoubled. 

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