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We, individually, and oftentimes working as a team, choreograph stage fighting for youth/teen, university, and professional productions. We also frequently run workshops for youth stage combat, and work with wooden, plastic, or steel weaponry depending on the needs and ablities of performers. 

Our emphasis, particularly with young people, is always on safety, and stage violence as a mechanism to enhance a story or further character development. 

Our speciality is in theatrical swordplay, and between our team have over 15 years of fight choreography experience. We have trained via the British Association of Dramatic Combat (BADC), British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC), Dueling Arts International, and both have studied under Oregon Shakespeare Festival's resident choreographer, Jonathan Toppo. 

We both continue to train and keep our skills sharp with various courses in a wide variety of weapons, including rapier, broadsword, quarterstaff, sword & shield, and cloak & rapier, among others. 

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