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We choreograph stage fights for youth, teen, university, and professional productions. We also frequently run stage combat workshops from ages 10 through adult.


Our emphasis is the character behind the combat-- the why that motivates each hit, parry, or attack.  

We've choreographed fights and taught in the Bay Area (WEST, CYT, Berkeley Rep Players, Cabrillo College PAC, AAT, UCSC,), Ashland (Randall Theatre, Southern Oregon University), & Chicago (Chicago Children's Theatre, Theatre Above the Law, Northbrook Youth Theatre). 

Our specialty is in western swordplay. Josephine is a certified actor combatant through the British Association of Stage and Screen Combat (BASSC) in Sword & Shield, Broadsword, & Swashbuckling, and through the British Academy of Dramatic Arts (BADC) in Single sword, Unarmed, Sword & Dagger, Case of Rapiers, Quarterstaff, Cagefighting, Cloak & Rapier, & German Longsword. 

She has interned with fight choreographer Jon Toppo at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Kit Wilder at Santa Cruz Shakespeare, and trained for several years with RC-Annie, resident fight team for the RSC and The Globe Theatre.

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