Fight Directing

& Choreography


In our choreography, from the Addams Family the Musical to any kind of Peter Pan to Romeo & Juliet, we consider that specific iteration of the story being told. Including both directorial vision and the actor's ability and concept of character, we aim to make all fights match the vision of that show with attention to every detail of the circumstances of the violence. 

We have specific experience working stage combat choreography and workshops with young kids and teens safely. In addition to ten years of experience and interning at both Santa Cruz Shakespeare and Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Josephine is an intermediate level combatant (singlesword, sword & dagger, sword & cloak, unarmed, cage-fighting, quarterstaff) through the British Association of Dramatic Combat, and certified in Broadsword, Swashbuckling, & Sword & Shield through the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, and attends Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) classes for rapier in her spare time. Darwin is certified via Dueling Arts international for hand-to-hand, broadsword, and rapier combat, and has continued as an teaching assistant for Southern Oregon University's combat course.

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