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An audiotheatre piece run at the Oregon Fringe Festival (2021)

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OFFMissingYouGay Innocent Heartless
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Featuring the delightfully dolcet voices of Josephine Czarnecki, Zoe Flach, Darwin Garrett, Forest Gilpin, Kira Lanoue, & Rob Pelfrey.

Text by Josephine Czarnecki.


Missing You is a site-sound solo experience using 3-D audio technology that will lead you on a guided walk through a kaleidoscope of aural experiences that you might be missing-- or that are missing you.


Make sure you have downloaded the file from here or the Oregon Fringe Festival page on your device before leaving home. You will also want your best pair of headphones-- noise canceling or ear-fitted will be best for this experience. 

You will be begin your adventure at the entrance to the SOU Music Building, a few steps from the Oregon Center of the Arts. Chalk indicators on the ground should mark your way. Once at the start... just press play!

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