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22 November


We are currently workshopping a participatory theatrical event that will take place in San Francisco in May 2020. We hold frequent workshops, exploring and playing with game mechanics of participatory theatre, immersive experience, and world-building for what we call The Auríferra Republic. These are open to performers over 15 years old, regardless of experience. See left for our next workshop, and email us if you're interested in attending at

For more information on Auriferra and independent performer applications, visit 

Artistic Producer - Position filled

We are currently in search of a producer for our immersive theatrical event, Auriferra Republic. This is an event that will be taking place 8 & 9 May 2020 at Fort Mason, San Francisco. We'd like to collaborate with someone who is professional and organised, and can assist with grant research, in securing corporate sponsorship, and overall financial & artistic organisation. 

Year 1 of the event is already partially funded and underway, and this position would be unpaid (as are we). This position would be part of the Year 2 (2021) profit share. Previous experience in any sort of producing is desired, but most important is a passion for theatre and immersive work, and an ability to think of six impossible things before breakfast. This project is also invested in decolonising alternate history (such as steampunk and dieselpunk) and must be a necessary passion. 

Social Media/Marketing Assistant - Position filled

We're currently in search of a social media & marketing person for both our upcoming professional California projects: Orlando in Santa Cruz and Auriferra Republic in San Francisco. We hope to develop a working relationship for these and future projects-- previous experience is not required, and personal social media use is irrelevant compared to cleverness and creativity. 

Looking for:

  • Someone to attend occasion rehearsals and take photos (photographic experience and equipment appreciated but not required-- clever use of any modern phone could do)

  • Use our Hootsuite to schedule posts across multiple platforms (instagram, facebook, twitter)

  • Creative ideas about post types (connected events, clever phrases, "this day in history" type thing)

  • Ability to keep in communication with us and occasionally attend meetings in Santa Cruz regarding show timeline and marketing ideas

  • Dream up and help execute physical marketing (postering, public performance displays, relevant festivals, flyering)

  • Someone who is passionate about theatre and performance

  • May have photoshop/digital art experience/knowhow

  • Organised and communicative


The Social Media & Marketing Assistant will receive a half-share in the profit share of our production of Orlando. Work on Year 1 iteration of Auriferra Republic will be unaid, but a stipend or profit share will be offered for work on Year 2 (2021) if we work well together. 

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