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    In our creation of theatre, we believe in the strength of the ensemble over any individual.


    Our shows often play with ensemble movement, and voice: in unison, singularly, or overlapping. The plays we seek are often adventurous and take place in many locations, our sets generally an interpretation or more focused on matching the movement of reality than its appearance. The stories we want to tell are decisive, full of impassioned characters, and cast with an eye toward the unusual, unique, and unapologetically progressive.

    In our future work we're looking to expand the boundaries of the usual narrative, influenced by the work of theatre in London and the global stage, but never losing our affinity for the story. It is a love for the story that brings us to theatre... or the theatre to us.

    Most importantly, we create theatre for a dual purpose: to embark upon and remind us of the emotions and journeys and magnificence found in life, and to leave our audience with a question. Good work rarely gives an answer, it merely asks-- and so, we hope, do we.