The Three Musketeers by Max Bush

The Three Musketeers (youth version) was a show performed in Santa Cruz, California with Santa Cruz Parks & Rec Teen Theatre at the Louden Nelson Centre in July 2017.

Our main focus with this group was pushing the stakes of this story. Every storyline, whether the love between the Queen of France and the Duke of Buckingham, to D'Artagnan and Constance, to Aramis, Porthos and Athos themselves, is really a life or death matter in Alexandre Dumas's story. The Musketeers take life and death very lightly, casually swordfighting with what we are meant to believe are deadly sharp weapons with a speed to kill. But for the audience to feel any kind of investment in such a broadly sweeping tale, each attack and parry of the blade must come with it the threat of death and the thrill of a close call, and so it goes with every moment, line, and emotion of this tale. 

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