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The King in Yellow Camden Fringe Festival 2019

The King in Yellow is an original adaptation about the eponymous play that drives its readers insane, based on the Victorian horror anthology by R.W. Chambers (an inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft).


“A dark exploration of belief, sanity, and blind trust,” (Broadway World) the play is an ensemble story that jumps about between the encroaching madness of Chambers' original haunting text, and the intertwining stories of melodramatic Bohemian artists. Hailed as “one of those plays that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go” (The Guy With The Quill), we watch the lives of these characters as they’re quickly corrupted by the infection of this insanity.


“Intelligent, darkly enchanting, totally unique and deliciously decadent” (Ask The Ushers) The King in Yellow investigates the infectious nature of a single idea, and the danger to those who follow it. Using a mix of interconnecting stories and movement based moments to unravel the obsession of insanity, “Czarnecki and Garrett don’t just tear up the rule book, they set it on fire” (The Guy With The Quill).

First performed for the Camden Fringe Festival 2019 (London, UK) at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre.

See our Press Release here.

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