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Text-to-Action Games

"That was the most fun I’ve had in a LONG time. Thanks so much for the experience and game adventure."

"It was fun when we realized the opening to our responses were personalized. I thought you guys would just be sending out the pre-planned messages. Nice touch!"

#5. Oh dear me. We’ve made it to Calcutta, but that nasty Detective Fix just took us to court! That’s right, Detective Fix-- he’s been following us here saying something about how Mr Fogg looks just like a bank robber from London! Now we’re in court--not for robbing a bank, but some nonsense about wearing shoes in that temple at Malabar Hill we visited? Well, we don’t have time to hire a lawyer… can you send us a very convincing argument on why we are not guilty?? You can bribe the judge, give an argument, make up an alibi… anything! Be creative! But we simply must be on that steamer to Hong Kong! (This might be a video, something in writing, or even a voice memo… anything!!)

I would write on a secret note to the judge: "If you find me innocent, I will give you 33 pounds."

Team Banana


A whole 33 Pounds! The Judge readily accepts! Wonderfully done!

Phileas Fogg & Passepartout

Your honorable Honor of honorhood!


I am pleased to present my petition before your magisterium, in refutation of the abominably awful allegations.


In the study of your superiorly sculptured laws of your citadel, and after examination of the temple photographs used as evidence against us, even an initial inspection will clearly show that the lovely lady in the bottom left of the image is wearing socks only. The other feet cannot be seen and, "since birds of a feather flock together", we must ALL have been wearing only socks.


Since, according to your laws, the burden of proof lies on the accuser, then we beseech thee to free us expeditiously, due to lack of evidence.


With humble humility,

Team ALOHA (A Lot Of Hot Air)


The grandiloquent superfluousness of your verbosituitous statement had the Judge's head spinning! You're let off (with a hearty bail)!

Phileas Fogg & Passepartout


#2. "Excellent! Now before we can set off from Kings Cross station, we’ll need to make sure we are ready for our journey. The first order of business-- decide what your adventuring outfit will be! We may endure rain, sleet, hot deserts, and freezing nights, as well as different cultures all over the globe. Have you and your team get dressed up in your chosen explorer outfits, and send us a photograph once you’re ready to begin. 


Pip pip, cheerio,

Fogg & Passepartout"

#4. What a delight! Quickly now, we’ve boarded the train to Calcutta and are off and away, speeding through the jungles of India!
Oh. Oh dear… it seems, the railroad line hasn’t actually been finished! The conductor says we must get off the train and find our own way to the next city, Allahabad. We’ve managed to convince a local to sell us his elephant and his time as a guide. As we plod through India, with our new friend Mr. Fix in tow, send us a picture of one of your team having tea on an elephant. If you don’t have an elephant on hand or to buy, you’ll have to think of something!


Pip pip, cheerio,

Fogg & Passepartout

We're creating what we call text-to-action adventure games to bring a little excitement, and perhaps a little creativity, to your lockdown days. These run via Electronic-Mail, and happen in real time with other teams (or single-players). 

Our first iteration is based on the Verne novel "Around the World in 80 Days" and requires players to fulfill a series of tasks that bring them around to the end. 

The game begins with an opening video requesting participants to send an email with their team name. Phileas Fogg responds, and they are off on a quest...

"Loved the challenges. Worse part was trying to limit ourselves in the production value to get it done within the time restraints. So it's on us, not you. We would have extended another hour, easily."


I have multiple reasons that you should dismiss this case.


Our accuser has a side motive. Back in London, we bet 20,000 pounds in me being able to go around the world in 80 days. If I am forced to stay in court for an offense which I did not commit, he will win a great fortune.


We also, did not enter the temple. We simply took pictures outside of it and with the statues. The time stamps on our pictures and travel records can prove it.


Given these, please dismiss our court date.

Team Jordan


The jurors are in uproar, the Judge is astounded by your clever evidence! The bailiff loses their hat!

Phileas Fogg & Passepartout

Dear Mr Fogg,

Unfortunately, it would appear that the judicial process is functioning as it ought to be.  I can offer no further suggestions within the limits of my morals.

I would advise you to simply speak the truth and allow justice to take its course.  Better to lose the wager and remain honest than flout the law for financial return.




Such honesty! The judge is moved by your truth, and the assumption that your lack of geographical instruction might have left you underequipped to follow rules in other territories.

Phileas Fogg & Passepartout

And as promised, those who complete journey  receive a thank you telegram from Mr. Fogg himself (and, of course, the trusty Passepartout). 

Future games and further explorations of the media is in the works.

This page is for documentation purposes only.

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