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The Fastest Way to Communicate in the Modern Age; or, TELEGRAPH

MFA SIP Showing

(An appendix to Portfolio and Documentation of Work)

I have included here two videos. 

The one at the top is the Zoom recording as recorded by Zoom-- this only captured (in Speaker mode, which I found unchangeable in my settings) which sees only the TELEGRAPH view and does not include TICKER, however it captures the sound as experienced by those watching via Zoom. 

The bottom video was taken by me with my phone, sitting on my perch in front of the laptops, arranged on my screen as I would have them arranged on the viewers'. This captures the sound as I hear it, although technically it captures the sound as my phone speakers would hear it. This second video is also only a snippet. 

Both these videos fail to capture the final moment of lighting the TICKER on fire, but you can feel the pause in the upper video at the end, which lasts the entire duration. 

-Sara  Josephine Czarnecki

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