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The Fastest Way to Communicate in the Modern Age; or, 


Our first online performance, based on our steampunk work for the Auríferra Republic, and Josephine's MFA for the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, performed June 2020.

This performance occurs over Zoom with optional participation, however your participation will not come in the form of video or sound so you may turn those off when you enter the Zoomspace. 

Using the Aetheric Telegraph Machine, this performance piece was on the delights of modern technology. Likewise, we experimented in our documentation forms of the archaic and analogue. See below a filmed piece of the performance, which invited audience-participants and actor-participants alike to send messages through the Aetheric Telegraph system.

At the end of the performance, the machine was forced stopped, the ticker tape ripped from the feed, and the entire record of communication lit on fire.  

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