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Dark and powerful dramas from the secret spaces of our mind. Venture with the angels of the night, as they come to mystify you with these curious stories of forbidden fears. Setting your anxieties on fire, with tales of flesh, blood and desire. These three bilingual productions are written by today’s emerging Latinx voices. So surrender to the pleasure of the mysterious, with a thrilling night of Teatro Oscuro.

Featuring three short vignettes: “La Maldita Temblorina" by Javier Martinez Cabrera, “The Seductive Lure of Despair” by Rocio Sullivan, & “El Circulo” by Javier Martinez Cabrera.


Directed by Josephine Czarnecki & Lisa Kirk-Williams. 

TW: Suicide, Anxiety disorder, Death, Strong language

Want to Support us? Donations gratefully accepted via Venmo: @Teatro-Oscuro

The Team


Javier Martinez Cabrera

Rocio Sullivan


Josephine Czarnecki

Lisa Kirk-Williams

Asst Directors

Diana Torres-Garcia

Alexandra Perez


Charlotte Landis

Ardy Campidonica


Javier Martinez Cabrera

Alexis Diaz

Adonay Gonzalez

Charlotte Landis

Eiji Mori

Tyler Nickle

Rocio Sullivan

Diana Torres-Garcia

Tamaya Okumura Vinaver


Ardy Campidonica

Broadway Playhouse

Preview performance at the Broadway Playhouse in Santa Cruz

Thursday, May 18th @ 8:30pm

FREE & Donations accepted, no ticket required

San Diego Fringe festival

Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theatre for San Diego International Fringe Festival

Friday, May 26th @ 6pm

Saturday, May 27th @ 1pm & 9pm

Sunday, May 28th @ 6pm


Hollywood Fringe Festival


Cole Theatre (Main Space) for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Friday, June 16th @ 5:30pm

Saturday, June 17th @ 8pm

Sunday, June 18th @ 10pm

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