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Heartless Combat Club


This is for folks (over 16 years old) who have previous stage combat training and wish to delve deeper and keep your skills sharp!


Wednesdays 6-8pm, June 21st - August 16th. 


At a parking lot adjacent to Gateway School. If you head from Mission St. down toward 255 Swift St, there is a semi-derelict parking lot on your right before you reach the main Gateway School parking lot. We will meet in that lot. You can park on the street. There are water fountains, and a porta-potty at Sergeant Derby park adjacent. There is also Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing up the road for post-fight camaraderie, as the Brits would do. 


Free, unless we decide to pitch in each to rent an indoor space as we choose, in which case about $5-$10 a session. 


You want to keep your skills sharp. I want to keep up on my technique, and practice choreographing and teaching on the fly.


We will practice various special skills or elements of stage combat. This is not LARP, HEMA, or SCA. We will probably do some warm ups and basic conditioning, investigate one particular element of combat or style of weapon, play with it and show each other. This is a drop-in group, not an ongoing class. 

If you are working on a show or would like an outside eye for a personal project, I can help you with that as well. I can also recommend further training, and comparative differences between combat certification institutions like the SAFD (American system), Dueling Arts Int'l, BADC & BASSC.

PLEASE bring a 3/4" wooden dowel (oak from Home Depot or Ace is better than composite) about 37-42" long (should be <$5). You will get a chance to use high carbon steel combat swords, but we will be sharing them and switching out depending on what we're looking at.


Weds 6/21 - Basic Skills Brush-Up

Getting us all up to speed with the British method of stage combat basics, checking in with American trained fighters.

Weds 6/28 - Full Body Mechanic

Playing with motion, musculature, and forces for a more realistic looking fight. 

Weds 7/7 - The Power of Distance 

How far can you go? Understanding the danger at the top of your blade, and playing it for the audience. 

Weds 7/12 - Charming Disarming

An exploration in wrist weakness and levering for disarms. 

Weds 7/19 - Rhythm and Syncopation

Moving away from the boring staccato fight, to an exploration in rhythm. Looking at deceptions, doubles, double-passing steps, and the acting principles of tactic, strategy, and instinct. 

Weds 7/26 - NO COMBAT CLUB


Weds 8/2 - So How's Your Footwork?

A careful look at the advance versus the passing step. Exploring the sideways world around us, and facing new combatants using the cross step and slip.

Weds 8/9 - Broadsword Brutality

Practice your golf swing on the broadsword -- looking at the strength and effort difference in broadsword versus a rapier fight. Possibly integrating some sword & shield work. 

Weds 8/16 - Offhandedly

Experimenting with use of an offhand weapon -- hand, dagger, cloak, buckler, or another sword! We'll have fun and get creative. 

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