Marque & Reprisal by Josephine Czarnecki and Darwin Garrett

Marque & Reprisal is an original play written by us on working adventure through Mexico, though its set in Havana, Cuba, 1712. The first production was with Randall Theatre's Young Thespians in Medford, Oregon in late 2017, and the play has since been published as Pirates, Papers, and Plunder by Heuer Publishing Inc. (see here!) -- the title changed at the publisher's request to be a little more snappy.

Our goal in this piece was, as always, to incorporate pirates and pieces of accurate history: the Spanish treasure galleons, letters of marque, and pirate v. privateer logistics are real facets of the time. We also wanted to see two characterswho fundamentally disagreed-- a lawyer and pirate-- forced to come together to find the antagonist. The Spanish government here are important characters as they are following their agenda to the letter; we seek a blurry line between the obvious "good" and "bad" even in our youth plays. 


PP&P is available to perform through Heuer publishing, although in our hearts we'll always call it M&R!

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